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Screensaver Theater is something I made at the request of a family member who wanted to watch movies while they worked at their job's IT department. I figured I should release it publicly.

In short: whenever your screensaver comes on, it'll begin playing videos of your choosing. Move the mouse, and the video stops playing. Simple.


  • Playlist Editor -- Add videos from anywhere on your hard drive and organize them in an order you're most comfortable with. Great for whole seasons of a TV show.
  • Shuffle -- If you don't care about your videos playing in a specific order, turn on Shuffle and randomize your playlist every time the screen saver launches.
  • Video Resume -- In the middle of watching something? No worries! The screensaver will pick up right where you left off the next time it launches (yes, even if shuffle is turned on).
  • Simple Hot Key Controls -- Use your keyboard's arrow keys to control volume, fast forward, and rewind.


Just run the installer and it'll put all the necessary files where they belong, then set "Screensaver Theater" as your system's active screensaver. The playlist editor can be accessed from the screensaver's "Settings" in the Windows Control Panel.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  1. Where can I set my screensaver and change its settings? -- Depending on what version of Windows you're running, it's either in Display or Personalization. In Windows 10, it's in your "Lock Screen" settings, oddly enough.
  2. Videos won't play at all! -- This screensaver uses DirectShow for playback, which uses Windows video codecs. Some video players don't require any Windows codecs because they use built-in codecs, so its possible you might not have the required files. In order to use this screensaver, you must have the appropriate video playback codecs installed in Windows. Finding these codecs is on you, but the K-Lite Codec Pack still seems to be a popular choice and covers the vast majority of what you need.
  3. Video playback is choppy or stutters! -- I've run in to this on a couple of my files and there's not much I can do about it. This can be caused by several things: your PC might not be good enough to handle the video, it might be a codec problem, it might be a bug in the way Clickteam Fusion uses DirectShow to render video, or it may even be a graphics card problem. The point is: it's nothing I have the ability to fix. I personally have only had it happen on a couple of files, so I think it's kinda rare. If you run in to this bug, you have my apologies.
  4. Can You Add [XYZ] Feature? -- Probably not, no. I'm providing the Clickteam Fusion .mfa source, so if you can edit that, maybe try adding the feature yourself. Though if you pay money instead of downloading it for free, maybe my mood will change. :p
  5. I can't open the source .MFA file in Clickteam Fusion! -- The source code requires the following extensions: The File Object, YASO, Tooltip Object, Mouse Object, Ultimate Fullscreen Object, Window Control Object, Window Shape Object, and Window Life Object.
  6. I have a bug not listed here! -- I may not take feature requests, but I do want to hear about bugs. This software was initially not meant to be public so I imagine there's some funky corners I inadvertently cut. Tweet at me (@BlazeHedgehog) or leave a comment below and I'll see what I can do.


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