OverBite - Minor Update (1/5/2019)

I was getting seriously burnt out by the second half of 2018, so I took the holidays off from my writing and youtube stuff. At some point during my holiday vacation, I got it in my head to publish one final update to the Game Jam version of OverBite. There were some outstanding bugs with controller support that made me unhappy, so I fixed those and implemented a small handful of quality of life fixes over the course of a day and a half. Here's the changelog:

  • Automatic detection for the Dualshock 4 controller should be better.
  • Tutorial prompts are actually hooked up to the controller detection system now so it'll tell you which buttons to push depending on the controller being used.
  • Fixed a small graphical bug where the tutorial prompt would show the wrong button as it faded out.
  • In the configuration app, you can press keyboard keys to show what they do, just like you can with a controller.
  • The configuration app will now try to warn you if there's a problem detecting a known controller. No guarantees, though.
  • The game will ask you if you want to view the configuration app on first boot.
  • Title screen and credits updated slightly to reflect the current situation better.
  • Sucking blood now adds time back to the clock.
  • The sound of the gate closing now has positional audio to make it easier to locate.
  • Victims now have emotes over their head when they're afraid, allowing you to better track them when they go off screen.
  • Victims will now turn and look in the direction of screams they hear (sort of).

For those of you hoping for new content like extra levels or a boss encounter, I regret to inform you that this build contains no actual new (or even altered) content. My apologies.


OverBite 1-5-2019 - Game Jam Version.zip 22 MB
Jan 06, 2019

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