OverBite - Minor Update (5/12/2017)

Hey, everyone! I just published a very tiny update to OverBite. No, there's no new levels or anything special like that, I'm just doing a little house cleaning. Here's the full changelog:

  • Previously, if you were using a controller and paused the game with the start button, you had to unpause it using your keyboard. This was a limitation with the software used to make the game, but that was fixed in a recent update so now you can unpause the game by pushing any gamepad button after it's paused.
  • The game's big piece of secret content was updated to reflect the current environment in which it exists. What does that mean? Did you ever find the secret? Maybe now's a good time to go looking.
  • New graphical feedback was added to the title screen menu.

See? Tiny! Work continues on the full Steam version of OverBite, so stay tuned for that eventually.


OverBite-5-12-2017 - Game Jam Version.zip 22 MB
May 12, 2017

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